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Home venue relocation

Posted: Sat 16 Feb 2013
Author: FC Halifax Town

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FC Halifax Town Have Confirmed...

Following a meeting of senior staff, it has been decided, subject to approval from the Football Conference and agreement from Stalybridge Celtic, to move the scheduled home game at the Shay Stadium on Saturday 23 February 2013 against Stalybridge Celtic to the home ground of Rochdale AFC at the Spotland Stadium.

This decision has not been taken lightly and not without a great deal of consideration for our supporters but we are desperate to avoid any possibility of yet another postponement, particularly with our severe backlog of fixtures. A decision such as this cannot be taken a couple of days before a game is due to be played, so we are announcing the move as soon as reasonably possible. We recognise that the Shay Stadium pitch is in a very dire state, with mud, sand, loose matter making the surface treacherous after the recent weather and requiring recovery time. With Halifax Rugby League Club playing a scheduled league fixture on Sunday 17 February and then the inclusion of an unscheduled game with Melbourne Storm on Tuesday 19 February, together with some training session time, we simply cannot rely on a suitable pitch for soccer being available to play our home fixture on the 23rd February. In making this decision there is no implied criticism at all of the Shay Stadium ground staff, who do a great job in extremely difficult circumstances. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Rochdale Council and the two sporting clubs of Rochdale, for allowing us to hire their facility.

Once we have visited Rochdale’s ground and discussed the logistics of the fixture, we will provide as much information as possible regarding arrangements, transport options etc.

We are sure you'll understand the reasons for this move, as we try and negotiate our way round the existing, severe pitch problems. We will do everything possible to make the day run smoothly and desperately hope in all the adversity, you will play your part to try and support the team, as we try and get in to the play-off positions.