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MBi Shay Lego Model

Posted: Mon 02 Jan 2017

Thank You From The Halifax Town Supporters Club......

Halifax Town Supporters Club would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every supporter who either purchased tickets for the 'Shay Lego Model' Raffle or participated in the 'Guess the Bricks' competition that ran alongside. Well done to both Nick Holland who won the 'Shay Lego Model' competition and fellow Town supporter Saul whose guess of 1400 bricks was the nearest to the actual figure of 1438.

The net profit made was an excellent £696.00, all of which will ultimately be passed over to FC Halifax Town. Special thanks here to the Neatby family (Dave, Chris and Debra) who came up with the original idea and who have very successfully administered every aspect on behalf of the Supporters Club.

Thanks also to Louisa and Ben at FC Halifax Town for all their help, not forgetting Scott Garner who assisted in the making of the draw at half-time against Darlington.

A very happy New Year from the Supporters Club Committee to all members and everyone at and connected with FC Halifax Town